Facebook Password Finder Software to Recover Lost Accounts

Today I stumbled across one very interested application: Facebook hacking software.
Now at first sight this will seem unbelievable to any internet user who have even small novice experience in computing and technology. Because if these so called tools are doing its jobs so simply like their names says then all people who use social networks will be in high trouble and risk of their accounts getting hacked.

Facebook password hacker

Authors of stated application, that can be found at www.progressivepst.com claim their tool can retrieve login details from deeply scanning FB’s secured database and from their drain password for given profile. How they explain this is possible?
Well they call themselves “professional coders” from back-hat forums, which can’t be found on search engine sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, but only with special invitations or direct pointing URL address.
According to their story, only highly skilled hackers are allowed to be members of their forums where they making cracking tools and all spying/worm applications teamed up.

What does their program do is (Explanation from beginning):
– Supported as a mobile app (Android & iOS operating systems) as well as desktop computer devices.
After user install this app, all they need to do is enter a profile FB username or their URL address which pints to their profile. Then after this info is inside a textbox, press a button inside an app and wait for software to finish its job. Approximately after about two minutes desired login details will be shown in the app’s window, where user can easily copy it to a clipboard then go to Facebook login page and enter inside their victim’s profile without any troubles.

How to protect yourself against attacks from this or similar software?
It’s simple: Use strong complex password made of all possible types of characters, like numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters and special symbols.
How can this stop cracking attack from these tools? Because these apps works with so called “bruteforce” type of attack. Means program tries to login to your Facebook with all possible combinations of passwords until it matches true one. If your password is complicated it would take it like 10 years of nonstop running to break it. Obviously simple passwords can be cracked much faster and easily. So keep this in mind. It’s good to know 🙂