The Bromford Housing Authority Attacked by AwakenCybers Hackers Group

A housing organization serving central and southern  England was the subject of an attack by a group of hackers named AwakenCybers.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bromford stated that the recent days had been “everything but ideal.”

Bromford provides service to approximately 40,000 households in their region. However, the chief information officer for the company has stated that there is no proof that the hackers successfully achieved their goal.

cybersecurity awakencybers attack

At the beginning of the previous month, the housing organization announced that they had turned off their facilities as a preventative measure to avoid further harm.

The chief executive officer asserted: “Returning to normalcy can only occur when we are confident that our systems are secure.”

Based on the Local Democratic Reporting Service, this company serves approximately one hundred thousand customers with many offerings.

In addition, the chief information officer, Dan Gooddsall, stated that “as a protection, we have been compelled to turn off all of our equipment.” This includes the systems that alert us of upcoming appointments. The platforms that we use to connect with our clients and the tools we use to engage in business with our vendors.

That being said, users can still make payments utilizing our automated telephone lines, even though the main phone at Bromford only accepts calls for emergencies at this time.

“You are welcome to call or send a text message to get in touch with our neighborhood coach if you have any questions.”

He continued, “We are conscious of the pain this has brought us, and we are deeply apologetic for postponed meetings and how restricted our services are.”

Robert Nettleton, one of the most important spokespeople for Bromford, gave a status update on Wednesday in the hopes of persuading customers that there is no sign of a data breach.

He thanked all customers for their trust and reviews, suppliers, and business associates for their support and understanding. He continued, “We are presently striving to restore to normal in a safe and controlled atmosphere.”

Following the attack by Awaken Cybers, the services provided by the Gloucester City Council were severely disrupted for several weeks.

Their cyber attack resulted in losses to the government estimated to be in the tens of thousands of British pounds. At the same time, some of their operations have not yet been fully repaired to the level they had been at before the attack.

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