Tracker tool will help you find anonymous author of your wall’s posts

A very interesting software we will discuss today: Tracker is a software of “hacking” nature developed in aim to find identities of people who posted on your Ask fm social media profile wall. This is one of those social media platforms where instead of sharing your photos, videos or status updates you just reply answers on someones questions.

The thing here is someone can choose “Post as Anonymous” option when creating their questions so in normal circumstances you can’t know who this is. But with this program which some very creative developers made, you can actually find out who a poster is. The tool will even drain all data about them it can find. You’ll get their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile links as well if they have it. With street address from where question is made as well. All damn cool isn’t it? Tracker


This app is available to download for free here.

Instructions for Using

This tool is very user-friendly to get used to it at first sight. Depends on your device and operating system for which this tool is supported: iOS, Android (Apk), Windows or Mac, it’s all the same process. First you need to install it, then after accepting terms just copy-paste the URL of question which you’d like to trace into the tools textbox. Finally press “Start Tracking!” button and wait for a moment until app searches for right information. And bingo! Your desired info will be displayed in the window. Simple game.

What is still worth mentioning is your connection while using the tool is undetected and spoofed. This means your account will always stay safe while using this hack. By’s rules it’s not even mentioned anywhere tools like these are forbidden for using, but its developers still wanted to be 100% safe and added their “Proxy undetected system” inside the app to provide you maximal safety as possible.

Our last words would be; Very interesting software and must-have one to try if you’re an user.

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