Tracker tool will help you find anonymous author of your wall’s posts

A very interesting software we will discuss today: Tracker is a software of “hacking” nature developed in aim to find identities of people who posted on your Ask fm social media profile wall. This is one of those social media platforms where instead of sharing your photos, videos or status updates you just reply answers on someones (more…)

Facebook Password Finder Software to Recover Lost Accounts

Today I stumbled across one very interested application: Facebook hacking software.
Now at first sight this will seem unbelievable to any internet user who have even small novice experience in computing and technology. Because if these so called tools are doing its jobs so simply like their names says then all people who use social networks will be in high trouble and risk of their accounts getting hacked.

Facebook password hacker

Authors of stated application, that can be found at claim their tool can retrieve login details from deeply scanning FB’s secured database and from their drain password for given profile. How they explain this is possible?
Well they call themselves (more…)

MyBB Bitwise Operators Explained

So today after an interesting discussion with Joseph, one of the other MyBB developers, about showing different notices to users and such (such as if their private messaging quota is used) I suggested we use a bitfield/bitwise system for storing which “notices” the user still has visible (and hasn’t dismissed). Not knowing much about how bitwise works in PHP apart from how it’s calculated using binary I set out to do some experiementation and find out the end results.

MyBB Bitwise img

Along with everything in PHP, bitwise operators are easy to grasp and can easily be used in IF statements to check the value of a “bit field”. Take a look at the following (more…)

AvidCP: A Simple Web App

There’s no doubt about it, people like simple things. Simple applications to perform simple tasks with a simple interface which is clean and intuitive.

When people come to me asking for design advice the most common thing I find myself saying is that you need to keep it simple but attractive. People are most probably visiting your site to find out some sort of information (Whether it be MSN Messenger related, or your own personal blog). If you think a layout looks good because it has all of this fancy stuff happening then it most probably doesn’t look good to other people who could care less about that. Minimal design can be attractive too.

And you’re about to ask what does this have to do with the subject line?

Today I found myself designing (after colleague Dane requested it) a simple sort of control panel which (more…)